General Data Protection Regulation

The GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force on 25th May 2018. Its purpose is to ensure that all business holding personal data have strict policies and practices in place for managing and handling such data.
Ashley Wood Studios in compliance with GDPR has conducted a full audit of our working practices which will be ongoing and reviewed regularly into the future.
This includes documentation, processing, storage and deletion procedures.

The main area we hold data are images taken within Toddlers Groups/Day Nurseries/Pre-Schools and Schools.
We do not store any personal data about pupils, in no event we need to require children's names or addresses that we photograph.
All images that appear on our online ordering system have a secure access code/number which is only known and accessed by the child's parent/parents.
Images are only available on our online ordering system for the school term in which taken. If you wish have full details of our storage and deletion procedure, please contact either myself or Deborah via e-mail where we explain our procedure in more detail.

When we undertake take school photographs, we don't collect any personal data of the pupils or staff who we are photographing.
The photograph files themselves are data with which we have to act responsibly. Images after capture are securely downloaded, prepared for the purpose they are being taken and stored on secure backup for an agreed amount of time with the school (within the school term).
Any information supplied or collected via ordering from parents is destroyed in the shortest amount of time with no backups being kept.

Regarding portraiture taken within the school, the school will be given a CD of all images taken for the schools office use only, as regards to the schools data record system (Id-merge) we ask for an encrypted download link for images to be uploaded for the school data records system.
During this process, at no time do we link an image to any personal data, or receive any personal Data about the pupils.
If for any reason a job does require us to collect personal data, we will work within the GDPR requirements regarding the processing handling and deletion of any data we obtain to fulfil our role as your school photographer.

GDPR can be used by parents to understand what the parameters are for how, why and how long information we are collecting is being used and stored.
The information we collect is only ever used to fulfil our contract or employed purpose to the Toddler, Day Nursery, Pre-Schools and Schools. It is there importantly to offer a practice for us to work to and abide by offering parents and us alike, clear information on how to identify and address, unscrupulous usage, inaccuracies, loss and embarrassment.
If you are a parent and would like to know more about how your child's image is being linked to their school database system, please contact your school and they will explain.
If you would like to know about any information we may be collecting regarding your child or the data we temporarily hold when you place an order, please contact us via our email address or letter.

We are committed to being fully compliant with the GDPR by 25th May 2018.
In the process of maintaining our valued relationships with all of our clients, we are writing to them with a copy of our full proposal policy for compliancy to the new GDPR legislation. This is to ensure we can be clear about our commitment and the various changes we are making to comply.

We have contacted our soul supplier for the processing of all images taken by ourselves for the production from file to finished supplied order. This is to ensure they are trustworthy with our data and are additionally compliant with the new legislation before we continue using their services.

If you have any further questions regarding our GDPR policy, please contact us via email.